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Vol 54, No 2 July 2010 Preps' 100th year

This issue covers the period 1/5/2010 to 31/7/2010, more or less. First and last years of Past Prepies are shown. The C and S prefixes indicate School Council and Staff, respectively; the superscripts are d deceased, hl Honorary Life Member TPPSA. Throughout, forms of address (Dr, Mr, Mrs, etc) have usually been omitted.

Under 7 Stone Rugby team, 1960

1960 Under 7 Stone Rugby Team
:1. Max Offner (Captain), 2. David Edmonds, 3. Lock Wilson, 4. Stuart Parkinson, 5. Bruce McIntyre, 6. John Beattie. 7 John Barker, 8. ...?..., 9. Rod Elkington, 10. Ivan Board, 11. ...?..., 12. Alistair Nixon, 13. Mark McInnes, 14 ...?..., 15. Damien Walsh, 16. Rod Pickels

All are wearing the original ‘strip’ – maroon & navy blue jersey, navy shorts and navy socks with red maroon tops.
At left, on the grass – an interested spectator?
Background – behind the fence, Streatham House

(Pic: Max Offner)

From the President

From The President

Andrew Drysdale

Welcome to another edition of Prep Times. This last quarter has seen the ‘Brisbane Bash’, held at The Moreton Club. It was again a pleasant evening with a happy crowd of Prepies and their partners. From the notes about each Prepie attending I was able to detect that for the 17 Past Prepies there that night there were another 37 family members who have been at Prep. This emphasises what a “family” Prepies are. Thank you to those who attended and especially to Margaret Campbell1 for again arranging our venue.

TPPSA has received the first donation to the Centenary Dining Hall Refurbishment Fund – from Sandy MacDonald2. We are yet to launch this appeal by sending out formal requests for donations but we will, of course, gladly accept any you wish to give. I have had discussions with the Prep Foundation (the School’s main fund-raising auxiliary) to determine how we can get tax deductibility status for donations by utilizing their systems. I am glad to say this has now been arranged. At the same time, I wish to emphasise that TPPSA has traditionally not seen fund-raising as a role for the Association. However, as 2010 is Prep’s 100th year, we see our appeal for funds as a one-off to complement the Centenary Celebrations next year.

Please consider attending our reunion gathering on the first weekend of October this year (programme and other details accompany this journal). Last year the rollup was outstanding with 170 plus turning up. It would be good to exceed that number this year – and even more so next year!

In closing, I urge you to jump on your computer and check out TPPSA’s new website and I am sure that our Webmaster, Shelly Fielding3, would love to have lots more material from you covering highlights of your days at Prep.



1wife of John CAMPBELL (‘40-’43); 2Sandy MACDONALD (‘36-’39); 3Michelle FIELDING (née HERBERT, ‘78-’84);


From the Head of School

From the Head of School

Mrs Sandra Hawken

Dear Past Students,

There has been a hive of activity at Prep of late, as classes move into the new Cornish Loveday Building and the last of the landscaping and fencing is completed. Our students are thoroughly enjoying the Interactive Whiteboards that feature in each new classroom and we are thrilled with the superb new Big Top. You will be surprised by the changes you see when you visit us again in the future.

Recently the Year 7 boarders and a number of Staff members hiked up Table Top on what was a glorious day. A visitor to our school accompanied us on this excursion and on the way home, she said to me, ‘You work in the best school in the world!’ I wholeheartedly agreed with her comment. She reached this conclusion by watching the interactions of the children and the staff and noting the way in which the children immerse themselves in the fabulous opportunities on offer. Each one of us really is blessed to belong to the Prep family.

‘Share a Day in the Life of a Prepie’ was a special Open Day on Monday 26th July for students interested in enrolling at Prep. These students and their parents were given a tour of the School and shown some of the wonderful opportunities available. It really was lovely watching our current students act as buddies for our guests. They did a marvellous job as hosts.

That evening Prep also hosted a dinner for School Leaders from local independent primary schools. Over one hundred and ten students and their accompanying teachers were served a delicious meal in our Dining Room. Our guest speaker for the evening was Mr Bryce Lindores, a paralympian who won a bronze medal in the men’s individual pursuit in the track cycling event at the Beijing Paralympics in 2008. Just last month, he won the para-cycling World Cup in Spain. Bryce is rather amazing. He lost his eyesight at the age of eighteen, following an accident, but has not let this slow him down. He certainly inspired everyone in the audience with his interesting anecdotes.

During August, we are very fortunate to have the CSIRO conducting Science on Saturday’ at Prep. This is a fun, hands-on program for children aged 7 to 14. For four consecutive Saturdays, commencing on 7th August, the CSIRO will conduct a series of awesome science sessions in our School’s science laboratory. Children can come to just one session or more.

It is almost that time again when the Past Students’ Annual Reunion is held. This year Prep’s ‘Elders’ (Classes of 1940, 1950 and 1960 and their partners) are invited to attend a special dinner on Friday 1st October, 2010. The evening will commence at 5.30pm with drinks and musical entertainment, courtesy of current Prep students. Dinner will be served at 6.30pm.

Next day, Saturday 2nd October, tours of Prep will be conducted at 4.00pm. These will be followed by a Chapel Service at 5.30pm in St Aidan’s Chapel and the Ten by Ten Reunion Dinner in the Dining Room at 7.30pm. We sincerely look forward to meeting as many Past Students as possible on this weekend and showing everyone the fabulous new facilities our students enjoy.

Kindest regards

Sandra Hawken
Head of School

Prep Fete 2010

Prep Fete

Fete Day 2010 dawned to a grey sky with wind and rain. Robin (‘59-’65) and Henry HODGE (‘91-’97) manned the stall for us and immediately sold two Past Prep ties. The fete organizers decided to move our stall into the Millennium Centre together with some exotic food stalls and the children’s painting display. Ruth Melville-Gordon, Prep’s Archivist had provided memorabilia featuring the Tens and the manning roster for our stall was organized by Rosemary OGG (‘78-’79). Head of School Sandra HAWKEN (9th Head, ‘10-) was selling Past Prep ties and badges when Ian YEATES (‘55-’60, S ‘71-’75) arrived to assist. Many younger Past Prepies enjoyed looking up their own entries in the Prep Roll 1911-2009 displayed. Ian chatted with Andrew PITMAN (‘82.), a Moree stock and station agent, who asked after his Yr 7 teacher, Marcus McMANUShl (S ‘66-’03). Robert NICHOLLS (‘72.), renewed his acquaintance with Committee member Bunny POWNE, MBE (‘41-’43), who was manning our stall. Robert occasionally sees Andrew MACKAY (’71-’72), Boggabilla, and Bim GOODRICH (’68-’72), Inglewood. Bim joined Prep’s School Council in 2008.                 
(Ian Yeates)

Brisbane Bash

Brisbane Bash

Whilst the venue wasn’t exactly crowded at the Moreton Club venue for this year’s ‘Brisbane Bash’, all those present had an enjoyable time chatting with old or new friends, and enjoying the excellent refreshments. The gathering was hosted by Margaret and Dr John Campbell1, AM, president Andrew Drysdale welcomed us and introduced Prep’s Head of School, Sandra Hawken, who also spoke briefly. A display of ‘Tens’ photos, prepared by Ruth Melville-Gordon4, Prep’s Archivist, aroused much interest.

Others there were Geoff ADSETT (‘57-’58) and Sue, John BOADLE (‘37-’42) and Joyce, John CAMPBELL (‘40-’43) & Margaret; David COHEN (‘43-’47) and Monica, Andrew DRYSDALE (‘) and Jacqui, George FIELDING (‘70-’73), Tom FRITH (‘46-’47) and Jenny, John GODFREY (‘42-’47) and Robin, Sandra HAWKEN (Head of School ‘10-), Barrie HAYNE (‘46-’47) and Laurie McNeice, Joanne HOWDENhl (‘95-’09), Don & Keith JEFFERIES (’40-’47), Richard KING (’54-’58), Larry LOVEDAYhl (’38-’41, S ’49-’93) and Judithhl (née BOURNE, S ’48-’51), Ruth MELVILLE-GORDON (S ’09-), Peter PHILP (’50-’55), Bill THOMAS (’66-’67), Mark WATKINS (’87.) and Nicole. Apologies were received from – Edgar BASSINGTHWAIGHTEhl (’56-’58), David FEEZ (’44-’49) and Hilary, Ralf LOVEDAY (’62-’68) and Helen Cooke, John LOXTON (’58-’59), Peter SMITH (’43-’46), Bill TE KLOOT (’60-’62) and Anthea, Charlie WEBSTER (’59-’65).

4R. MELVILLE-GORDON, BA,GradDip,LibSc (S ‘08-);5D.G. GOLDENhl,d (‘36-’41); 6B.P. WHITEhl,d (‘46-’54); 7J.W.G.W. SMITH (’46-’49),  8G.A. SCHMIDTd (‘51-’57); 9A.G.F.E. LOVEDAYhl,, OAM,RFD,ED (’38-’41, S ’49-’93);



 6A. TE KLOOT (‘97-’99); 


Glimpses of the Past

Glimpses of the Past 

Main School 1949
Main School in 1949

Old Boys Match 1951
Old Boys' Match 1951    L-R: Les Hood16, John Herbert17, John Cayd18.

Sports Day 1973
Sports Day, 1973, Mac Drysdale19 judging high jump, Peter Connolly20 & [back] Bob Smith21

Flattening back oval in 1967
Scooping out to flatten the R.B.S. oval in 1967

Speech Day 1974
Speech Day 1974, Bluey White12, Dell 22& Vernon Cornish23

Adventure Club 1979
Adventure Club 1979 at Cooby Dam, Larry Loveday9 and Doug Finlay11 with Larry’s old Mirror 16; both the latter are still sailing!
(Pic:  Rosemary Ogg)

Below: Three Prepies lost their lives in action with 460 Squadron, RAF in WWII. This photo of the squadron, with a Lancaster bomber, was taken at Binbrook airfield, outside Grimsby in 1944. The squadron, Australian pilots and aircrew, supported by English ground crew, had, sadly, the highest casualty rate of any military force in the war. Prepies who were killed in action with this unit were – Ron McINTYRE (‘36-’37), age 20, over Berlin on 29/12/43, Austin PALFREYMAN (‘35-’36), age 22, and Billy HOGG (‘31-’39), age 19, over France on the same night, 11/4/44. Their names are on the Chapel Honour Board. Ron came from a property at Mt Tyson and went straight from Prep to work at home; Billy came from Greenmount and also went straight home to work; Austin came from Miles, passed the 1936 Scholarship exam (12th in our list of 13 passes) and went on, first to TGS and then to BBC. A talented high-jumper at Prep, he won an Honour Cap for Athletics –  – and the Archives has a fine photo of him [see below] in full flight over the bar.  (TC,3/3/10)

460 Squadron 1944

Austin Palfreyman

Left: Austin Palfreymand (‘35-’36), ’flying high’ at the athletics meet at Churchie, 1936?











Below: In the years before World War II, there was a daily air service between Brisbane and Toowoomba. The DH84 (DeHavilland ‘Dragon’), VH ABK flew straight over Prep – not very far above us, we thought. (TC, 26/1/10; Pic: Rod Richard)

Boarders of the late ‘30s will remember calling in at Eagles’ Nest on their hikes down the range at weekends and always receiving a friendly welcome. The camp was established by Toowoomba’s mayor, Dr Thomas Price13 as a refuge for the many men who passed through the town during the Depression years. Located at Redwood Park, Eagle’s Nest operated from 1937 to about 1940. After the camp closed down, a party of enterprising cubby-owners retrieved the length of heavy metre high chainwire, which had surrounded the men’s vegetable garden and, after dragging it back to Prep’s cow paddock, set it up around the common yard of the Bell-Logan-Chandler and Henchman-Loveday cubbies.   (TC, 11/6/10)
Eagle's Nest during 1930s


9A.G.F.E. LOVEDAYhl,, OAM,RFD,ED (’38-’41, S ’49-’93); 11D.J.A. FINLAY (S ‘74-’81); 12E.G. WHITEd (4th Head ‘59-’73); 16L.R. HOOD (‘35-’43); 17J.G. HERBERT (’51-’56); 18J.M. CAYhl,d (‘33-’38); 19K.M. DRYSDALE (‘61-’65, S ‘71-’74); 20P.G. CONOLLYd (S ‘70-’73); 21R.B. SMITHhl,d, OAM (S ‘32-’73. 5th  Head ‘74-’79); 22D. CORNISH (visiting ‘71-’75, later Lady GRINDROD); 23Bishop J.V.K. CORNISHd (Chaplain ‘71-’75, Chair ‘73-’75);



 6A. TE KLOOT (‘97-’99); 


Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Simon JarvisSimon JARVIS (‘89-’90) (right) ~ ‘Given the continued success and growth of our Sydney office, we are pleased to announce the appointment of three new people to our Account Service team. Simon Jarvis has joined as a Group Account Director, having previously worked with BMF in a senior Account Service role on the Lion Nathan (Hahn Super Dry) and Dairy Farmers (Dare Iced Coffee, Moove, Coon and Cracker Barrel) accounts. He also brings with him considerable Account Service experience gained at DraftFCB, Lowe, and Rapier in London where he was involved with the Saab, General Motors, Stella Artois (global) and HSBC accounts.’ (ISW)

On a fine, cold Saturday morning in July, Frank HALY, AO (‘44-’47), Larry LOVEDAYhl, OAM, RFD, ED (‘38-’41, S ‘49-’93) and Bill TE KLOOT (‘60-’62) were amongst the throng at the unveiling of sculptured plaques of the badges of the Queensland University Regiment and the Queensland University Squadron. As Frank put it ‘The armed forces “do” ceremony well, as do our universities, and it was good to know this still works well. The speakers were exceptional…’

In ‘Letters to the Editor’ (of recent newspapers) we found: Llew RUSSELL, AM (‘59-’61), CEO, Shipping Australia Ltd, shedding a light rather different from media reports on the Pacific Adventurer oil leak incident off Moreton Island (SM, 25/7/10); Colin CLIFT (‘42.), about a Robert Burns poem he had misquoted (TC, 7/7/10). on the inadvisability of the proposed super tax on the big miners (CM, 14/5 & TC, 18/5/10), suggesting lifetime tax exemption for Jessica Watson (TC, 20/5/10), on the financial burden placed on defendants if court cases are repeatedly adjourned (TC, 15/7/10); Alistair LOGAN (‘51-’55), deploring the perhaps ill-considered closing down of the Warwick Rugby Union club (TC, 29/5/10); Ric CARLSSON (‘79-’81), on the closure of his Icon Cinema;     (TC, 18/1/10);

In the football (soccer) match between TGS and Downlands for the Parents and friends Cup, Tim BOWLY (‘04-’05) played for the Downlands Firsts and Jake JONES (‘03-’04), George HEMPENSTALL (‘99-’06) and Cameron GIBSON (‘03-’05) for TGS.   (TC, 19/5/10)

Hal CHALLENGER (‘47-’48), decd ~ ‘Hal shared with me so many great memories of his happy years as a Prepie. His tribute to "Boss" Connal10 you will read in his obituary (attached). A story Hal loved to recall was how, in their dorm, a group of boys, including himself were throwing their penknives into the bedroom wall. Suddenly the door opened and in came Bill Jordan, their housemaster. He swiftly took in the scene before him, then turned on his heel and, with an "I'll be back", left the room. He was back very, very soon, armed with his leather strap with which he meted out justified and thorough punishment. In hindsight, how Hal admired him! This characteristic example of just deserts made a deep mark on this impressionable teenager. For the rest of his life, Hal felt distain for those who exercised power only to feed ego and admiration for those with the courage to exercise what he recognised as "tough love". Hal loved to return to Toowoomba, which we did not infrequently, visiting the school several years ago and enjoying being shown around .He was most impressed by his present young Prepie escort. Attending a reunion and a chapel service was a wish he never fulfilled – he never seemed to be in the right place at the right time. During his time in Vanuatu, Hal was sorry to have misplaced a much appreciated letter from Larry Loveday, whom he admired as a teacher As his pre-Prep years were lived in a remote location, during his first year at the school, Hal spent a lot of time, in the isolation ward of the school hospital recovering from the usual illnesses children contract. He remembers the kind, professional care he received from the school nurses, several of whom had served during the War. He recalled that Larry subsequently married one of the nurses. I can’t remember her name but Hal remembered that she was pretty! Hal would have loved his sons, Miles and David, to have had some Prepie time but he was able to have them home with us on the property until they went to St Peter’s in Brisbane as boarders for their high school years. On reaching 75, Hal intended becoming a Life Member of the Past Students’ Association; I wonder do you accept members posthumously?’  (Jenny Challenger)

Ric CarlssonWhen the owners of the premises decided they had another use for the space and would not renew the lease, Ric CARLSSON (‘79-‘81) (left) had to close his Icon Cinema which for the past seven years had provided Toowoomba filmgoers with a unique blend of screen entertainment, wining, dining and socializing. Ric says he felt a sense of creative achievement, especially in getting foreign language and arthouse films. In the Regional Australia Day celebrations, Ric received the Cultural Award. (TC, 17 & 18/1/10)

Sally KehoeSally KEHOE (‘92-’98) (right) ‘won a spot on Australia’s 2010 World Cup rowing squad’. She ‘clinched her seat in Australia’s single scull during an arduous round of national selection trials at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. Sally’s former teammate and 2008 Olympian Pippa SAVAGE (’88-’93) ’finished off selection pace.’ In July at Lucerne, Switzerland, Sally and her crewmate won silver in the Women’s Double Scull at the World Rowing Cup 3, coming in second behind the British pair.  (TC, 5/5/10 & 14/7/10)

Ian YEATES (‘55-’60. S ‘71-’75) wrote,15/7/10, ‘1960 was our Scholarship year and I remember it as a particularly busy time. For several years I had entered the Public Speaking competition and, in 1960, I was so intrigued by the epic tale of Captain Robert Scott that I actually rehearsed my speech, but with so much else going on, I decided not to proceed. I was particularly moved by Scott’s words written on thin, filmy paper, “Had we lived, I would have had a tale to tell that would have stirred the hearts of every Englishman.” The Ten by Ten Class of 1960 will remember our Prep days and the pals who are no longer with us. As Ivan Board works painstakingly through that class list – and that extracted from the PrepRoll database by Larry, I have complete confidence that we will have a very special reunion. Head of School, Sandra Hawken, is giving the School’s full support to this task of rounding up our old friends from near and far.’

Rod Stirling as passengerRod STIRLING, AM (‘41-’42) (left, the passenger), Vice-patron of the Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland, opened this year’s Toowoomba Royal Show ‘with great fanfare’. Rod was president of the committee years ago when the RASQ moved from its old site adjacent to the Botanical Gardens out to Glenvale.      (TC, 16/4/110)

In the Downs Rugby Union competition, Eustie HILL (‘98-’00) ‘had a few seasons previously with Goondiwindi’, but has joined the Roma Echidnas and scored three tries against St George. He played strongly for the Echidnas against USQ. Digby MAKIM (’99.) has also joined the Roma club.   (Glen McCullough, TC, 17/4 & 5/7/10)

Changes are afoot for some of Toowoomba’s old industrial complexes. Through the Griffiths11 family, in particular, Prep enjoyed a long association with the Toowoomba Foundry. The site of that once important Toowoomba industry is in line for a major re-development. An application has been lodged with Toowoomba Regional Council to turn the 130-year old building into a multi-purpose shopping centre. A decision is expected in January, just before the foundry shuts down.   (TC, 20/5/10)

And the old KR Darling Downs ‘Bacon Factory’ – long associated with the Krimmer12 family – which closed down last November, has already lost a number of removable assets such as demountable buildings. The future of the site remains unknown.     (TC, 10/6/10)

Craig NeilanCraig NEILAN (‘76-’82) (right) said he tried many different careers – from a fast food manager, landscaping, construction for Telstra, pre-cast concrete tanks, before getting into the fitness industry. He has managed the Willow’s Health and Lifestyle Centre for the past two years. His wife, Mary and he have a 10-months old daughter Charlotte. After Prep, Craig went on to Toowoomba High School. (TC, 2/5/2010)

An appeal has been started to raise funds for the restoration of the 100-year old St Luke’s Hall, a place familiar to many Prep choristers in years gone by. The building is listed on the register of the National Trust of Queensland and the Queensland Heritage Register.   (TC,. 5/6/10)

Bruce McConnelNational rural ambassador Bruce McCONNEL (‘92-’93) (left) attended the 24th Commonwealth Agricultural Conference in Edinburgh in June. He represented Australia as part of the Under 40 Next Generation group.  (TC, 8/6/10)

Jonathan SYLVESTER (‘03.) ‘finished Yr 12 at Churchie in 2008 and rowed until March 2009, competing at the national titles in Tasmania where he gained a 4th in the coxless fours and 6th in the finals of the pairs. He is currently working for Warner Entertainments in the RM Williams Outback Spectacular as a Light Horseman. His brother Alexander (‘Zander’) (‘04-’06) is in Yr 11 at Churchie and he and Harry STRUSS (‘04-’05) rowed in the crew that won the Head of the River.  (Lise Sylvester, 4/7/10)

Alex Corlis with ballAlex CORLIS (‘00.) [ballcarrier] scored a try for the Goondiwindi Emus in their 27-10 win over Toowoomba Rangers 29th May (TC, 29 & 31/5/10) and Alex COLQUHOUN (’98-’01) scored for Toowoomba City Bears in their 54-0 win over St George. (TC, 12/7/10)

Richard REEVE (‘79-’84) was a member of the quartet (Alliance) and choir that both won gold awards in the Australian Association of Men Barbershop Singers competition in Hobart. Some 33 quartets and 16 choirs competed. Alliance also represented Australia in the international competition in Los Angeles, USA.   (Eagles’ Wings 2010)

Peter WILLIAMS (‘75-’76) ~ From Prep, Peter went on to TGS and later to Townsville GS when his famly moved north. ‘After leaving school I remained in Queensland and began my career within the retail industry. I am still involved in this line of work but now reside in Coffs Harbour, NSW with my wife and two children. I enjoy surfing, cycling and tag football in my leisure time.’ (FriendsReunited, 28/6/10)

Prepies of the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s will remember—with goose pimples? – the chrystal clear but icy cold water of the old City Baths at the corner of Margaret and Hume Streets opposite the Canberra Hotel. And running down through Queen’s Park to get there on a hot summer’s afternoon – and trudging back uphill ‘Prepwards’, afterwards.    (TC, 29/5/10)

Nerida EckertPrep’s Director of Performing Arts Nerida ECKERT (S ‘99-) (right) and her husband Tim were at the 2010 TS Burstow Opera Gala held at the Empire Theatre in May.     TC, 115/5/10)

Aimee Griffiths‘Toowoomba hockey product’ Aimée GRIFFITHS (‘02-’03) (left) ‘gave an impressive performance at under 18 level last year when she represented Queensland. Aimee played in the Queensland Scorchers at the Australian Hockey League competition at Ipswich. Aimee is studying occupational therapy in Brisbane, plays there for Commercial Club and ‘still turns out for Newtown as often as she can.’   (TC, 8/5/10)

The list of School Captains at Churchie includes Gerald BARLOW (‘11-’14) in 1921 and 1922 and Ted OSBORN (‘33-’37) was co-captain in 1942.   (James Mason, ACGS Archivist, 7/7/10)

Hodgsons PharmacyLen HODGSONd (‘18-’19) [right], Hodgson’s Pharmacy proprietor. The pharmacy opened in 1889 and closed in 2008. Len chaired the Toowoomba Church of England Schools Council from 1958 to 1978 and was the grandfather of Paul (‘72-’78) and Jane (‘75-’79)   (TC, 22/5/10)

 On May 6th the reconstructed Jack Mackay Sports Centre was officially opened. Jack MACKAYhl,d joined Prep’s teaching staff in 1949. At first he was Third Form’s master  and also assisted Bob SMITHhl,d, OAM,MACE (S ‘32-’73, 5th Head ‘74-’79)with the cricket. Jack soon became the official coach of the First XI, a role he much enjoyed up to 1974 when Doug FINLAY (S ‘74-’81) took over. Jack retired at the end of 1980 and in his early retirement years, he continued to come up to Prep each summer afternoon to help his son Don (‘63-’69, S ‘80-) with the team – especially with his much feared ‘throw-downs’. The new state-of-the-art nets will be a great asset and provide a wonderful training facility for Prep’s cricketers and softballers for many years to come.

Eloise FitzgeraldEloise FITZGERALD (‘00-’02) (left) played the part of ‘Peaches’ in the Downlands College musical, High School Musical 2.  (TC, 23/4/10)

Will WHITE (‘06-’07), ACGS, won the Under 16 Javelin and Jake CURRAN (‘06-’07) placed first in the U16 3000m and second in the 1500m – narrowly missing the national record – at the Australian All Schools Track and Field Championships in Hobart. Jake also came second in the U18 1500m at the championships.   (Eagles’ Wings 2010)

Ben STOREY (‘97-’04), TGS, participated in the ‘Bass for Youth Event’ which featured seven bands and smaller acts and was staged in Queen’s Park one Saturday evening in October 2009.   (TC, 14/10/09)

 During their Queensland trip in the autumn, Bob BREWSTERhl (6th Head ‘79-’92) and Meghl made a trip to Toowoomba and visited Prep, where Head of School Sandra Hawken welcomed them and showed them around. Bob was delighted to see ‘the children were actually running around – and on the grass.’ Bob and Meg are looking forward to Prep’s Centenary Celebrations next year.  (Meg Brewster, 19/6/10)

Stephanie LONG (‘09.) enjoys rowing at St Margaret’s.  (IY)

Peter CROTHERS (‘49-’54) has an accountancy firm, Insight Business Services, principally in Goondiwindi and with a Toowoomba office, opposite Queen’s Park. (IY, 10/6/10)

Gabriel PooleFormer Sunshine Coast architect Gabriel POOLE (‘43-’48) [right] says clients are being brainwashed into homes that are unsuited to our climate and are unsuitable. Most new Queensland homes are bulky, boring concrete monuments to people’s egos, according to the architect who first defined simplicity with his ‘tent’ house almost thirty years ago. Gabriel is a past winner of the Royal Australian Architects’ prestigious gold medal award. His passion now lies in designing simple, transportable, accessible housing that suits Aboriginal communities, people with disabilities and anyone who wants style combined with simplicity and practicability. (Glenis Green, CM, 25/1/10; Pic:Cathy Finch)

Our Webmaster, Shelly FIELDING (née HERBERT, ‘78-’84) has posted the link to a new TPPSA website – (;  where you can keep up to date with Prep events, submit photos or event details (Email to for inclusion) and also view Prep Times online. Help TPPSA make this a hub of information and a way for everyone to reminisce about the past. If you no longer wish to receive a hard copy of each Prep Times, just email and request a link to your online copy each quarter. This will save the Association considerable expense (about $2,000 each complete issue posted) – and you will be doing your bit to help the environment!    (SF, Facebook, 8/6/10)

Prefects at TGS this year are Jake PLATEN (‘99-’05), Senior Dayboy; Sean CAIRNS (‘05.), Matt LINDSAY (‘05.) and William DARBYSHIRE (‘99-’05) and, at Fairholme, Georgia & Alexandra GIFFORD (’99-’05), Kaiya FERGUSON (’00-’05), Amitée RYAN (’99-’05) and Rebekah GREENHILL (’98-’05).   (TC, 24/3/10)

An article, ’Boarders move out for War Casualties’, The Chronicle, 25/6/10, spoke of the requisitioning of Downlands and Glennie for use as repatriation hospitals early in World War II. We think that this is why Glennie Prep moved out to Smithfield. The article made no mention of Prep’s being taken over by the Army at Easter 1942, not for use as a hospital but as the Headquarters of First Army, under LtGen Sir John Lavarack. Prep went to the vacated St Hilda’s at Southport and later returned to Toowoomba for the start of the 1944 school year.    (JH, 25/6/10)

The left-hand front gate of Girton; though long disused, in 1950 these gates were still among the discarded material under ‘Stoneleigh’ in the 1950s.
Girton College Gates
Girton College was a private girls’ secondary boarding school, run by the sisters Fanny and Lily Hunt who were born in Australia to English parents. Fanny was the first woman to graduate in Science from the University of Sydney. She was the Head of Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School from 1892 to 1901 when she moved to Toowoomba with her family. In February 1903 she opened the new school, Girton, in Toowoomba, at first located at ‘The Grange’, Russell Street, the school was soon after moved to ‘Stoneleigh’ on the Range. Girton closed in 1910 and the property then became available – just the site for Ernest Gill’s boys’ school which opened the following year.  (School Ties, Chapter 9, ‘The vanished schools’)

Southern Downs Regional Council Deputy Mayor Peter BLUNDELL (‘72-’74) was at a meeting of Darling Downs business and local government leaders who called for urgent infrastructure improvements to cope with a booming population. (TC, 5/5/10)

Found on Facebook

9/3/10 – Megan KENNEDY (‘84-’86, now DREWERY) ‘attended the International Women’s Day morning tea’; Rosemary OGG (‘78-’79) ‘joined the group “Rolleston and Surrounds 2010”’; Lisa KIBBLE (‘79-’85, now NICHOLLS,) ‘attended “The Tribune” Brisbane Launches Designer Sale’; Heidi NAUMANN (‘93-’94, now WILSON), ‘Well, I thought that Toowoomba Prep was a wonderful school when I was there. Yes, I was not the most popular student but I made some great friends and, being from the bush, sending me there was what my parents had to do. It got me ready for my next college and I knew how to deal with other boarders much better.’; Harry FRITH (‘79-’80), ‘Good to see there is a FB page for Prep, although there is no option to join. Does one have to be invited?’; Rosie ALEXANDER (‘06.), ‘Class of 2007, dudes. Will always remember my Prep mates.’; Amy DEWAR (‘05-’08), ‘Go, Gill!’; Kyle PELGEN (‘05-’06), ‘Go, Fairfax!’; Miranda FYSH (‘80-’83, now KELLY) ‘finished Grade 7 in 1983, was a boarder and my House was Gill. Loved Toowoomba Prep but, in my adult life, cannot bear to wear maroon! Not even on State of Origin! I am living in Townsville now but was living on a property near Mt Isa when I attended Prep.’; Maddi HOGARTH (‘07.), ‘Go, Connal!; Jack COLLEY (‘98-’05), ‘Connal rules – no doubt about it!’; Lincoln EBZERY (‘08.), ‘Fairfax was definitely the best House by far. My first, and last year at Prep was awesome.’ There were also a few posts – very derogatory remarks which don’t bear repeating – and maybe their authors are best forgotten, too?

Michael COLLINS PERSSE (‘41-45) wrote, 17/12/09, that Geelong Grammar ‘now has a professional archivist who handles, mostly, conservation and cataloguing, whereas Michael himself still keeps the biographical records.’ He has been working on three books: the second volume of the biographical register, Geelong Grammarians 1914-1945; secondly, a study of some of his family’s roots, and thirdly, a compilation of some of his writings over fifty, or sixty, or even seventy years.


 6A. TE KLOOT (‘97-’99); 


Prep Times' Series

Prep Times' Series

The Association’s quarterly journal was first published in April 1957 and has been issued fairly regularly ever since. However, owing to reasons long forgotten, there have been lapses. The following issues never saw the light of day – June 1958; March, June, September 1959; December 1960; March 1975; June & September 1983; June 1984; March, June & September 1985; April, July & October 1986; January & July 1987; April, July & October 1988; January & April 1989.

Sometimes successive issues were combined – March-June 1967; September-December 1967 with March-June 1968; September-December 1969.

From 19..., each volume’s datelines became April, July, October of one year and January the next. Some volumes are indexed and, eventually, all will be.

The chief Editors over the years were – Don Golden5, Brian White6, Jan Smith7, Graeme Schmidt8 and Larry Loveday9 (the latter was also the researcher for every issue).– would surely have wished otherwise and, if they could, would apologise. (Larry Loveday)

5D.G. GOLDENhl,d (‘36-’41); 6B.P. WHITEhl,d (‘46-’54); 7J.W.G.W. SMITH (’46-’49),  8G.A. SCHMIDTd (‘51-’57); 9A.G.F.E. LOVEDAYhl,, OAM,RFD,ED (’38-’41, S ’49-’93);

 6A. TE KLOOT (‘97-’99); 


Births, Deaths, Marriages


  • Barbara CHRISTENSEN (née FINLAY, ‘83-’84) & Tom, a son Ben Haldon, 23/3/10
  • Georgie HARRIS (née WEBB, ‘88-’89) & Roger, a daughter, Sophie Edwina Sally, 10/6/2010  (QCL, 15/7/10)
  • Kimble THOMAS (née VAVASOUR, ‘80-’84, S ‘94-’98) & Peter, a daughter, Bess Reilly, 14/7/2010, sister for Lucy, Peggy & Hamish  (QCL, 15/7/10)


  • Philip HALY (‘47-’55) to ‘Nelly’ Toorneman, 8/7/10
  • Matthew STINSON (‘86-’89) to Camilla Graham  (IY, 10/6/10)


  • Samuel Henry CHALLENGER (‘47-’48), formerly of Stanmore, on 25/6/10 at Tallai, aged 74  (CM, 26/6/10)
  • Philip Vernon GLOVER (‘30-’32), on 1/7/10 at Allora, aged 90  (TC, 7/7/10)
  • Falkiner Minchin HEWSON (‘43-’45), in Brisbane on 26/4/10, aged 77 (CM, 30/4/10)
  • Cameron William JEITZ (‘86-’89), on 10/5/10 at Dalby, aged 33  (TC, 15/5/10)
  • Michael Arthur Balcombe Lord, formerly of Charleville, in Toowoomba on 24/5/10, aged 87; father of Lucille (‘82-’83, now PRATT(TC, 27/5/10)
  • Cyril James Garland Johnson, in Toowoomba on 3/7/10, aged 93; father of Chris JOHNSON (‘63-’65), Charlie (‘70-’71), Meredith (‘75.); grandfather of Nicholas (‘00-’01) & Natalie (Yr 7)
  • Christian Needham, in Toowoomba on 99-29/5/10, aged 95; mother of Patrick NEEDHAM (‘59-’62) and Arthur (‘59-’63)   (TC, 2/6/10)
  • Jean Thornely, in Toowoomba, on 30/4/10, aged 81; wife of Jim THORNELY (‘35-’36) and mother of William (‘70-’72)  (TC, 8/5/10)
  • John Lawrence Armstrong, of Toowoomba, on 5/5/10, aged 61; father of Sonia Wigan, grandfather of Alexander (Yr 7), Nicholas & William (Yr 5) & Charlie Wigan (Yr 1)  (CM, 8/5/10)

We send our deep sympathy to these Prep families.

Hal CHALLENGER ~ Hal was born Samuel Henry Challenger, Jnr in Brisbane on 6th September 1934, the first child of Samuel Henry Challenger 2nd and his wife Myrtle (Stark). They were part of a pioneering grazing family in the Tara district on the western Darling Downs. As Hal’s mother felt that three Samuel Henry Challengers living on the one property was too much, her son became known as Hal. He led a happy but somewhat lonely life with his parents and grandparents. A sister, Judith, was born when he was 5 years old, just after his grandmother died. His grandfather, a scholarly, gentlemanly English educationalist, had a significant influence on his grandson. Each Saturday morning was spent in his workshop making things like canons and windmills which really worked. Sunday afternoons were spent reading poetry, the Bible and classic boys’ books. Grandfather soon gave up the Greek and Latin lessons! Hal’s mother, a teacher, was well equipped to supervise his education. It proved to be a frustration for both of them! Hal was more interested in how a fly managed to flip over and land with its feet on the ceiling or in going out to trap and skin rabbits so he could sell the pelts than in doing lessons. In the War when there was a severe shortage of teachers, his mother was asked to reopen the local school, adjoining their property This she did, carrying 2-year old Judy across the paddocks with her. Hal attended this school at The Gums until 1946 when he was enrolled as a boarder at the Church of England Boys’ School in Toowoomba. “Boss “ Connal, the legendary headmaster, had a profound influence on this shy 12-year old from the bush and laid the foundation for the man Hal was to become. ”Boss” had a rare gift for managing teenage boys and especially country ones. They were given lots of freedom, keeping pets, building cubbies, hiking to Tabletop Mountain in groups of three – if one were injured, one stayed with him and the other went for help – or riding their bikes out to the old airfield dump at Oakey to scavenge for ‘treasure’. Boss was a deeply committed, practical Christian. He chose to teach struggling students himself. Hal told, when frustration got the better of Boss, how he would sit at his desk, fold his hands on his generous stomach and sing a verse or two of ‘O God, our Help in Ages Past’ before beginning again. Deserved punishment was metered out swiftly and fairly and was accepted as such. At school Hal excelled at boxing, winning his division of a major Darling Downs schoolboy competition. In 1949 Hal moved to The Southport School where he enjoyed Tennis and Rugby but left at the end of Year 11 due to his father’s ill health. His parents bought a house in Woongoolba and moved it to Bower Street, Southport and so began Hal’s association with the Woongoolba district. He spent the next two years managing the family property until it was sold in 1952 and then he returned home to Woongoolba and began cane farming. Together with his close friend Bill Heck, he saw the need to drain the cane land and was part of a group of farmers who worked hard to establish the drainage scheme. This resulted in an era of prosperity for the district. In 1963 Hal married Jennifer Kleinschmidt, a teacher at the local school. They went to live on Hal’s cane property at Stanmore, near Beenleigh. Hal was very aware of the fragility of the sugar industry and, between 1978 and 1986, sold his farms and moved to the mountain top at Wolfdene, overlooking his previous home property. Jennifer and he then felt their way into purchasing and developing industrial and commercial premises and this became the backbone of their future business.

In 1992 he underwent surgery for oesophageal cancer, miraculously making a full recovery. He helped his sons establish businesses, such as prawn farming in Vanuatu until the political situation there became unbearable. In 2008 Hal was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy. He was in remission for only three months before the cancer took hold again. He passed away peacefully at home on Thursday 25th June after a courageous fight. His Christian faith had a profound effect on his last years.’

Philip GLOVER – son of an Anglican Archdeacon, in his Prep years, Philip was at first a dayboy when his father was based in Toowoomba, and then a boarder . We have no record of his secondary school but he may have gone on to Slade as his father was a former Rector of St Mark’s, Warwick. We think that later Philip had a farm in the Allora district, and Barbara and he had a son and daughter.

Falkiner HEWSON – a boarder from Tambo who joined Prep in 1943 when the school was still at St Hilda’s, Southport, Falkiner later went on to King’s . Interested in flying, he joined that school’s Air Force Cadets. After his schooldays he became a property owner, married and had children who survive him. In his final years he lived at Brighton. He was a Founding Member of CEBSOBA in 1954 and later a Life Member.

Cameron JEITZ – Although he was severely visually impaired, Cameron was always a stoic, smiling his way through life and doing the best he could. Two other Jeitz brothers had come to Prep in the ‘30s from the same property as Cameron did, ‘Tuckerang’, Warra – (Gordond , ‘30-’32) & Ernie JEITZ, ‘31-’35) – so it seems likely that Cameron was a close relative, a grandson, perhaps. Cameron died ‘after a long illness’.

Cyril Johnson – His son Chris wrote of him. 26/7/10 ~ ‘My father was the second eldest of the family of nine. He enlisted on 12/6/1940 in the 2/4 Pioneer Battalion of the AIF and served in Borneo and Moratai. He was at Darwin during most of the Japanese bombing raids and was discharged from the Army on 1/8/1946. He married Rebecca Coward in 1951 and together they worked ‘Riversdale’, forty miles east of St George until their retirement in 1988. The RSL did part of Dad’s funeral service, which he would have liked.

Michael Lord – The only son of his parents, Arthur and Nancy, Michael was born in Sydney in 1923. He spent the early part of his life on their property, ‘Metavale’, Cunnamulla, went to BBC and King’s and was said to be ‘a challenging child.’ He had an amazing knowledge of all things flora, fauna and mineral. He as an inveterate humorist, sometimes to the embarrassment of his family. and was a great story teller.  In World War II he joined the Army and served in New Guinea. In 1958 he married his childhood playmate Barbara Clark14 and together they brought up a family of three daughters, whom he nicknamed Charlie, Jack and Fred. They vividly recall the characters in his stories, such as ‘Spencer Spider’, breakfasting on ‘Spiderbix’ and aphids’ milk. When he drew a war block ‘Kalanoa’, 50 miles from Charleville, the daunting task of building a house and infrastructure began. Michael served on the Murweh Shire Council for years and he and Barbara were very active in the ICPA. Eventually, they settled in Toowoomba. Michael loved to play hide-and-seek with his grandchildren and was a fantastic cook. He suffered a major stroke in 2000, fought back courageously for a decade but his health deteriorated subsequently.  The final thought in the eulogy given at his funeral says it all – Whenever one of us had what we thought was a major crisis, he would deliver this advice, ‘Well, daughter, when I was a girl, we used to do it this way.’   (Ellen)

Christian Needham – Christian, née Griffith, was an unforgettable bubbly person. She ‘spent her first thirteen years ’in the tiny village of Medlow Bath in the Blue Mountains’ and said she had a very sketchy schooling at first but then found bliss at an Anglican school in Sydney in 1928 where she enjoyed the regularity of lessons, worship and sport. At the University of Sydney she joined the Student Christian Movement and met Gregory Needham, a young theological student. They married in 1940. Earlier, after Business College, Christian worked for a time as a public servant and then got herself in to training at the Sydney Municipal Library and ‘dived happily into geology and geography’. Gregory joined the RAAF and served in Borneo. Afterwards he was chaplain at The Armidale School. When Gregory won a Lucas Tooth scholarship in 1946, they went to London where he took a second degree and teaching diploma. They returned to Australia in 1950, first to Tasmania and then to Queensland where Gregory joined the academic staff at UQ and they acquired two future Prepies, Patrick and Arthur. Later, they settled in Toowoomba and, after Gregory’s death, Christian played an active part in parish affairs at St James’s Church.

Peter PORTER – The death of Peter, OAM,DLitt (UQ) (‘41-’42) on 23/4/10 was recorded in p.21 of the April issue, with some notes on p.22. Peter wandered off to the UK soon after his TGS years and became a writer, ‘a major figure in what might be called “the Australian Baroque”, a style introduced into Britain by Australian writers of the 1950s and 1960s, which answered English condescension with an uninhibited learning and wit… Peter went to England, he said, because he felt like a cave-dweller among the beach-goers of his homeland. Having been persecuted by the sporting types at his boarding school15, he carried a resentment with him into adult life… The inner life had little chance against the climate of Queensland… Most readers find that the best or most powerful poetry that Peter wrote is the most directly emotive… He was saturated in the Renaissance, and in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries… What he knew best was Shakespeare… He wasn’t greatly familiar with fiction… he really thought his favourite novel was ‘Nada the Lily’, by Rider Haggard16. He married again after the death of his first wife and they lived in London. ‘He often appeared self-possessed: he was never one not to complain… He was one of the great talkers of his time.’ His published works include ‘Collected Poems’, ‘The Last of England’, ‘Preaching to the Converted’. ‘The Cost of Seriousness’, and ‘English Subtitles’ .

(Robert Gray, ‘While I remember’, Quadrant June 2010)

14daughter of George CLARKd (’11-’15), who always claimed to be the first boarder to cross Prep’s threshold; 15 where? 16the novels Boss read to us on Saturdays;



Into the next century...

In the 21st Century, whither Prep?

As we prepare to celebrate Prep’s remarkable story of success in the century past – despite the occasional stumble along the way – it may be prudent to pause a moment to ponder the future.

In the last year and a bit, rumblings reported in the media from government, both Federal and State, seemed at first to indicate the likelihoodand now more recently, the certainty – that in 2014 Queensland will fall into line with other States adopting a national curriculum for all schools and this will mean that the present Year 7 of primary schools will move into secondary schools.  (Tanya Chilcott, CM,  & TC,25/5/10)

Many Prepies will recall the similar change in the early 1960s when Queensland abandoned the old Scholarship examination at the end of primary schooling and Year 8 became the first secondary year.

Whilst for many schools this was mostly a logistical concern, Prep had to face a more difficult decision, to remain a primary school or to tread warily towards adding a “big” school. ‘The Diocesan authorities gave prolonged thought to the School’s future policy and status and concluded that the school should remain a Preparatory School, independent and autonomous still.’ (StA 1963, p.7)

That decision occasioned some uncertainty in the following year for it meant that at the end of the 1963 school year, Prep’s Grade VIII and Grade VII both moved out to begin their secondary education in 1964. The top two classes both leaving Prep at the same time resulted in ‘the loss of 52 boarders and 24 dayboys, a formidable hurdle for us in 1964. We had excellent enrolments but, of course, not enough to compensate for the loss. We have completed 1964 with 102 boarders and 79 dayboys.’13 (StA 1964, pp.10f)

Prep’s Headmaster, Bluey White12, also decided that ’in order to give our boys every advantage in this year of change – and because certain other schools had anticipated the change by a year – we taught a broadened course in Grade VIII which included Languages, Science and Musical Appreciation. It was a good exploratory year but, in many ways, a severe year.’. Bluey engaged the services of Dorothea Brightman, BA (Hons) to teach French,  M.S. Roubicek, (University of Voenna) to teach German and Mary Childe, FTCL,LMus,LRSM for the Music Appreciation. (StA 1963, p.8)

Whatever course is chosen to resolve this first challenge of the 21st Century, the School may rest assured that Past Prepies will help Prep along its way.  (Larry Loveday)

12E.G. WHITEd (4th Head ‘59-’73); 13Prep’s current enrolment is about 500.




Lost Past Prepies

Lost Past Prepies 

If you know where these 41 members are, please tell us – or, if you prefer to do so, ask them to make contact with us soon:

Flora ANDERS (‘03.); Tristan ATKINS (‘97-’01); William BARNETT (‘98.); Cameron BRIMBLECOMBE (‘03-’03); Kyle BRISKEY (‘97-’02); James BURGUEZ (‘01-’02); Garth CAMM (‘99-’01); Sophie CANNON (‘96-’98); Jemma CHRISTENSEN (‘91-’97); Graeme CLARK (‘98-’99); Stephen CLARK (‘97.); Anthony COWELL (‘01-’02); Lavinia EDGAR (‘95.); Catherine FEW (‘84.); Chris HARTSHORN (‘94-’97); Aaron HARVEY (‘95-’96); Kenric HEAD (‘91-’96); Luke HEADS (‘95-’97); Andrew HOHN (‘94-’96); Maurice IZARD (‘00.); Henry JOHNSTON (‘97-’03); George JOHNSTON (‘92-’98); Eliza KEELEY (‘03-’04); Ben KEELEY (‘00.); Samantha LEE (‘99.); Georgina LEWIS (‘06.); Matthew LONG (‘01-’02); Kathryn LOW (‘98-’00); Ken MACGOWAN (‘49-’54); Lauren MACKENZIE (‘05-’06); Jesse McCLENAGHAN (‘00-’03); Joshua MORI (‘09.); Jessica MURPHY (‘98-’99); Jen NORTH (‘94-’96); Sam PARKINSON (‘96-’97); Eddie STRACHAN (‘92.); Peter TAYLOR (‘96-’70); Andrew UEBERGANG (‘00.); Jeffrey WHITE (‘98)

Below: In the 1920s Prep boys probably travelled down town for doctor’s or dentist’s appointments in this bus.    

1920's transport






Upcoming Events

Past Prepies Annual Reunion 2010


Prep’s ”Elders” Dinner

Later this year, Prep’s “Elders” (Classes of 1940, 1950 and 1960 & their partners) will receive invitations to a dinner with the Head of School, Mrs Sandra Hawken.

5.30pm commencement with drinks and musical entertainment, courtesy of current Prepies.

6.30pm Dinner will be served.

4.00pm Conducted Tours of Prep  

Starting from the Gill Gate-house (the School’s entrance) with the Head of School and  assistants, followed by refreshments at the Cape Chestnut Tree.

5.30pm Chapel Service, Eucharist
Chapel of St Aidan – present Prepies will lead the congregation in prayer and song.

6.30pm Pre-dinner drinks & nibbles New ‘Big Top’

7.30pm Ten by Ten Reunion Dinner
Dining Room for the Tens and other Past Prepies and their partners.

To book for this reunion event, please print and complete the attached form - Reunion Reply.

As was done in past years, a booklet will be published containing notes on the Tens years, the Class Lists, and notes (My Life since Prep) from members of those classes. So, whether you can attend the dinner or not, you are invited to –contribute your notes about yourself – or your favourite Prep story for inclusion in this booklet. Simply print out the attached form, or email your story direct


Centenary 2011

Please send your favourite stories – for the Centenary collection – to the Archivist, c/- Prep.


For more information on any events visit our Calendar of Events page.




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